The Nashville Build – An Extreme Opportunity


Dodd Electric Participates in The Nashville Build, 2010

During the first two days of May 2010, over 13 inches of rain fell on Nashville and surrounding communities.  This more than doubled the previous rainfall record for a similar period and resulted in the 10th greatest flooding in the recorded history of Nashville.  Thousands of residents were forced to leave their homes and hundreds of businesses closed until repairs could be made.  Eighteen months later, many are still dealing with the aftermath.

The southeastern communities of Antioch and Cane Ridge saw devastating flooding that completely closed Interstate 24, washed away vehicles and buildings, and took at least one life.  Among the affected were the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and School.  During the first day of flooding, national news carried video of a portable classroom being washed down the interstate.  In the following days, the Sweatt family, who runs the school, led flood relief efforts and helped over 200 families.  But their lack of flood insurance threatened the continued existence of the Lighthouse Christian School.  Upon hearing this story, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition made the decision to do something.  On September 10th, the Extreme Makeover:Home Edition team arrived at the Lighthouse campus to pull together local volunteers and build a brand new, 6500 square foot preschool building to replace the one destroyed under 12 ft. of floodwaters.

In just six days, local businesses came together under literally one roof, on land that is truly a solid rock (previously a rock quarry), and produced this beautiful new facility.  Participants included Hardaway Construction Corporation, LP Building Products, and DA|AD Architects.  Dodd Electric and Wolfe & Travis Electric provided the building’s electrical power and lighting.  With everyone working tirelessly through the days and nights, sometimes literally on top of each other, the experience and guidance of the Extreme Makeover:Home Edition team was invaluable, helping everyone with planning and productivity so as to avoid problems that would have otherwise been inevitable.

Today the new preschool is a beehive of activity.  In the building that so many built so quickly, now teachers and their assistants are building lives that will someday build the future.  Dodd Electric is very proud to have been able to contribute to this very worthwhile effort.

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